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Can you guess what subject is the most trending online lately when it comes to health, wellness or beauty? You cannot fail, it is – weight loss! An extremely huge amount of materials are available online that promise to help you lose weight and burn fat quicker. “Only in the U.S. nearly USD 65 billion is spent annually to lose weight and it is comprised of costs spent for health clubs, very low-calorie plans, commercial weight-loss centers, meal replacement and diet pills, diet books and exercise videos, artificial sweeteners among more,” Calorie Control Council National Consumer Survey informs. After an...

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From my awesome trainer Larry..I am passing this onto you…my audience so you can enjoy some of the food tips and recipes. Before viewing, I will tell you this….STAY AWAY FROM ALCOHOL AND BREAD…..THIS IS A MUST!!  NO IF's or  BUT's….. I am doing this for 10 weeks.... Below is the core of my diet—simple yet effective.  I have been on this challenge for 4 days and I am down 4 lbs and counting.  That’s right…a pound a day so far just on this diet. Breakfast  6 egg whites ½ cup oatmeal ½ grapefruit Lunch Shake* 5 oz chicken breast,...

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Healthy meals for weight loss could be the best game-changer of your life.  For all those struggling with excess weight or diet issues in general, this article offers up some healthy meals for weight loss guaranteed to make a difference in the quality of your life.  Most people are familiar with the fact that losing weight and keeping the pounds off requires habit and commitment.  Maintaining a resolve to stick to your diet through thick and thin puts you in a good position to succeed.  Healthy meals for weight loss offer something for everybody, regardless of your particular tastes and preferences, you are bound...

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