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Healthy Meals for Weight Loss

Healthy meals for weight loss could be the best game-changer of your life.  For all those struggling with excess weight or diet issues in general, this article offers up some healthy meals for weight loss guaranteed to make a difference in the quality of your life.  Most people are familiar with the fact that losing weight and keeping the pounds off requires habit and commitment.  Maintaining a resolve to stick to your diet through thick and thin puts you in a good position to succeed.  Healthy meals for weight loss offer something for everybody, regardless of your particular tastes and preferences, you are bound to find something that will bring joy to your taste pallet.  Eating plenty of protein, fiber, and healthy carbs to boost your metabolism, helps keep you energized throughout your entire day.  You are indeed what you eat.  Understanding the science behind why your body needs certain types of food will help keep you on track.  Being aware of the kinds of food your body requires to operate at optimum will help you with the mental challenge of keeping up with your weight loss objectives.

Healthy meals for weight loss- breakfast options

They call it the most important meal of the day for good reason, your breakfast can set the tone for the rest of the day.  Why not get off to a winning start with broccoli and Feta Omelet with Toast.  This rather simple breakfast recipe takes several minutes from scratch and delivers a terrific boost of energy to get you going on the right foot.  The broccoli delivers filling fiber, only about 30 calories per serving, while the protein-loaded eggs curb appetite and will help stave off those late-morning cravings.

Another wonderful breakfast treat is banana and almond butter toast.  This easy, yet tasty delight offers no fewer than three of the best foods to consume for breakfast. The bananas and whole-grain rye bread are high in resistant starch, boosting your metabolism, while the almond butter provides hunger-curbing protein and healthy monounsaturated fats.  One slice contains just 280 calories, but it's guaranteed to keep you satisfied till lunch hits.

Healthy meals for weight loss - lunch options

Try white bean and herb hummus with crudites for lunch.  Can you say yummy!  It only requires a few minutes to whip up a batch of this flavorful, fiber-rich version.  All that's required is four ingredients: lemon, hearty-healthy olive oil, chives, and—last but not least—white beans, which come with about  4 grams of resistant starch per serving.  Consider adding assorted raw vegetables, like broccoli, to get even more fiber and fat-burning resistant starch from this wholesome meal.

BBQ turkey burgers are another fantastic lunch option.  Cut back on beef, try turkey instead.  This meal serves up valuable lean protein.  You should be aware that Lean protein helps you stay fuller for longer, it also contains the amino acids responsible for building blocks of muscle.

Healthy meals for weight loss - dinner options

If you are looking for the perfect light meal for dinner, look no further than Middle Eastern rice salad.  Bring a taste of the Mediterranean into your humble abode for dinner.  Not only will the meal be extremely refreshing, it's also packed with fat burning ingredients.  Just one half-cup of these hearty beans contains more than 2 grams, and enough protein and fiber to fill you up without weighing you down if you catch our drift.

A salmon noodle bowl is perfect to energize you after a long day's hard work.  This 30-minute meal serves up a bounty of nutritious and metabolism-boosting ingredients in a single bowl. The salmon and avocado are packed with healthy fats, and the noodles and veggies are high in fiber.  The asparagus are the unsung hero of this tasty recipe, delivering a wide range of essential minerals and vitamins, including vitamins A and C, folate, and iron.

Eating healthy doesn't have to mean saying goodbye to your favorite delicious desserts.  Check out these amazing options for dessert.  Can you picture a coconut-banana mousse with yogurt and honey!  Undoubtedly, your mouth is watering at the mere thought.  Use fresh or frozen banana, peeled and cut into chunks with a splash of coconut milk and yogurt with honey and juice.  A dreamy strawberry cream pie is also a very delicious light, sweet and refreshing dessert that will elevate your mood to new heights. This recipe is simple to toss together and simply to die for

Healthy desserts comprised of berries such as blueberries, blackberries or strawberries are abundant in vitamins, fiber as well as anti-oxidants.   For those unaware, anti-oxidants contain the capacity to break down the bad points in your physical body that intimidate to create damages, such as complimentary radicals.

Healthy meals for weight loss doesn't mean depriving yourself of the finer cuisine choices in life, on the contrary, you will find a wide selection available to satisfy any taste palette.