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Totally Products Ketone Test Strips

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Our Keto Test Strips are perfect for measuring your state of ketosis in your personal choice of diet (ketogenic, alkaline, low carb, paleo, etc) using a simple ketone strip. High quality and accuracy to measure and monitor your fat-burning levels. Our Ketone Strips are ideal for individuals who are dealing with ketosis or diabetes or are looking to lose weight and get healthier. The reagent test strips are made from paper that is high-quality, non-toxic and free from cyanide. They deliver results in less than 30 seconds, and they are 99 percent accurate. They also come in a heat-sealed bottle to further protect their accuracy and purity. 


  • Ideal for diabetics and ketosis
  • Professional-grade ketone urine test strips for use in Atkins diet, weight loss, low carb, ketogenic and paleo diets
  • Urinalysis strips provide 99% accuracy
  • Takes 40 to 60 seconds to measure ketosis levels
  • FDA approved
  • Printed on non-toxic and cyanide-free paper
  • Quick easy and reliable urinalysis testing for ketosis after you have had a keto snack or other keto products. Easy for on-the-go testing analysis after keto diet supplements or low carb food.

Easy One-Step Test Ideal for Keto Dieters Make sure you are always hitting your ketosis goals with Slim Fast Keto Ketone Test Strips for urinalysis. Keep track of your ketone levels wherever you are with this easy, one-step test for quick and accurate results.