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Totally Products Advanced Hearing Support - 90 capsules

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Hearing issues including that of Tinnitus are the third leading health condition in the country. Help for your hearing is finally here! This groundbreaking formula uses cutting-edge vitamins and minerals to help reduce ringing and inflammation while at the same time improving hearing function. Our formulation also combats noise-induced hearing issues and in time, can help you hear high and low tones better. 90 capsules—45 day supply

Help for your hearing is here, with our groundbreaking formula for ear health! Hearing Advantage is a cutting-edge combination of nutrients and herbal extracts formulated to support the intricate systems of the inner ear.

Most of us may take our hearing for granted. But hearing is a big concern for millions of Americans, and projections indicate that the number of people concerned about hearing issues will grow as the population ages and noise pollution continues to increase.  Did you know hearing issues are the third leading health condition in the country? It affects nearly one-third of Americans between 65 and 75 years of age and nearly half of those over age 75. But it's not just a problem for the elderly. In an era of cellphones and ear buds, hearing loss is now affecting much younger people too. 


There is a direct correlation between oxidative damage, inflammation and the development of sensory neural hearing loss and tinnitus. Free radicals penetrate the healthy hair cells in the ear, the auditory nerve and / or higher cortical areas, leading to the formation of a sensory neural hearing loss and / or tinnitus. This may happen due to the normal process of ageing, due to chronic illness, inflammation or acoustic trauma. Ideally, the effect of free radicals (oxidative stress) can be controlled through the use of an antioxidant.


  • Improvement In Hearing Health
  • Reduction In Ringing In The Ear (Tinnitus)
  • Increase In Immune System Function
  • Reduction Of Inflammation
  • Increase In Energy
  • Supports healthy hearing, including low and high tones
  • Combats noise-induced hearing issues
  • Fosters healthy nerve function in the auditory system
  • Delivers 5 important ear vitamins and minerals to support healthy nerve function



Evan T Plantation Florida

“Started working in about 3 weeks. My hearing has gradually gotten better and I can actually hear my son sneaking in the house at night. Ringing in my right ear seems to have slightly gotten better as well.”