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Parasite Free Detox Cleanse - 60 Capsules

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Many health problems are caused by conditions relating to parasites. Many parasites give off toxins that affect the liver and kidneys, slowing them down resulting in weight gain, fatigue and irritability. This detox cleanse helps eliminate pinworms, worms and parasite infection in adults. It kills parasites in the body in all 3 stages – adult, worm and eggs. This innovative product supports intestinal health too.

Did you know there are millions of people in the U.S. suffering from health problems caused by a condition of which they are completely unaware. The problems are caused by parasites. There was a study published in 'The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene' revealed that 32 percent of a nationally representative sample of 2,896 people tested positive for parasites. One symptom is the effect of parasites on the organs in the body. Because parasites emit toxins that can over work the liver and kidneys, the organs may become sluggish leading to weight gain, fatigue and irritability. PARASITE BLAST DETOX CLEANSE have been shown to kill parasites in the body helping to reverse their ill effects. This parasite fighting cleanse includes these key herbs and other important nutrients in a formulation that is one of the strongest available. 

Testimonial: Linda Velasquez..Rhode Island I've already eliminated “pinworms” and it's only my 4th day and my stomach issues have resided. I'm very satisfied with PARASITE BLAST and my husband and I are taking it and we are planning take this parasite cleanse at least every 6 months, and will order another bottle for my follow up treatment.” 
  • Helps Your Body Gently Eliminate Parasites, Worms, And Eggs 
  • All Natural Formula That Also Supplies Your Body With Important Nutrients 
  • Promotes Repair Of The Inner Membrane Of The Intestinal Wall 
  • Potentially Helps With Dozens of Symptoms
  • Each Bottle Contains 60 Capsules Which Is One Complete Parasite Cleanse Regimen
  • PARASITE BLAST helps combat all 3 stages of the parasitic life cycle (Adult Form, Intermediate, and the Eggs Stage)
  • BLACK WALNUT is known to kill the adult stages of the parasites 
  • WORMWOOD kills the larval stages of the parasites, known for its worm killing properties and helps those with a weak and under-active digestion
  • CLOVES help remove the parasite eggs and can reduce pain
  • PARASITE BLAST is loaded with a premium selection of effective anti-parasitic herbs that have been shown to cleanse and detox the body of parasites and their eggs, when used in combination