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Hot & Skinny weight loss and Night Slim Combo Pack

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Hot and Skinny

Women’s thermogenic fat burning weight loss aid
Can provide the ability to increase body temperature, burn more calories, and boost metabolism
May aid weight loss and increase fat burning capabilities
May boost mood and energy levels

Night Slim

Burn calories overnight and promote weight loss while you sleep with Night Slim. It contains a powerful blend of weight loss ingredients, including Magnesium, L-Theanine and 5-HTP that help utilize proteins, fats and carbs more effectively. It helps boost serotonin levels, suppress your appetite and improve sleep. Simply take one capsule before bedtime.
Tossing and turning all night is a thing of the past with these all-natural dietary supplements that help you to sleep, feel and look better by promoting a healthy body from the inside out. and safe for use within their recommended dosage, the pills curb your cravings at the dinner table and make you feel fuller sooner so you can pass up on seconds and unhealthy food.