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Fully Flora Diuretic Water Away Pills 700mg Weight Loss Blend of Minerals Supplement

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Fully Flora Water Away Natural Diuretic For Safe and Gentle Relief of Water Retention. Reduces bloating and water weight gains.

 Helps meet your immediate Weight loss goals while protecting your body from free radicals and urinary tract infections and bladder issues. Will not drain potassium or electrolytes levels. 



Looking For A Natural Solution To Excess Water Weight, Bloating & Swelling?

Remove Water The Natural Way With “WATER AWAY” from Fully Flora.

Water Away also helps with bloating, swelling and puffiness.

- Includes potassium and Dandelion Root (known to be a source of potassium itself) to replace what is lost through urination, so there is no need to take additional 

A Natural Alternative

Water Away is an herbal remedy that uses time-tested ingredients to give you natural results without unnatural side effects.

An all-natural herbal nutrient blend to help promote a balanced level of fluids in the body, along with a healthy diet and exercise program. This can help you feel your best...naturally. High potency Vitamin B6 helps replenish the normal loss of this water-soluble vitamin when fluids are expelled from the body. 

  • GENTLE RELIEF FROM WATER WEIGHT, BLOATING & SWELLING – A lot of diuretics on the market work in a harsh and uncomfortable way. Our potassium sparing formula provides gentle relief from unwanted water weight. You will be experiencing results within days!
  • LOSE WATER WEIGHT the natural way to relieve water retention? When taken on a consistent basis, Totally Product’s Water Away was created to help you relieve that annoying water weight, bloating and swelling. 
  • Are you tired of the harsh side effects from other diuretics?  Water Away is in a class of its own because it gives you natural results without unnatural side effects.


“Angela Manning—Miami Florida

Water Away really works well! I retain a lot of water during certain times of the month, especially after meals. So this product is a big relief for me.  I have noticed water loss in 48 hours or so. Got rid of my excess water. At least with this it is natural instead of a prescription, which I have had to do in the past. I have lost almost 10lbs needed for my daughter’s wedding this coming August..Thanks so much”