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Advanced Vision Support - 60 capsules

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ADVANCED VISION SUPPORT has uncovered an exact blend of nutrients to significantly lower intraocular pressure. Our exclusive formula is available now and combines the highest-quality extracts of bilberry. ADVANCED VISION SUPPORT is a powerful blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and herbs formulated to provide nutritive support for healthy eyesight. Recent research suggests that supplementing with antioxidants such as Zinc and Beta-Carotene may have potential beneficial effects for eye health for certain population groups.

Lutein and its complementary carotenoid, Zeaxanthin, are two important retinal carotenoids for eye health. Lutein is concentrated in the retinas of your eyes, so it's a necessary component of normal vision. Eating a diet with lots of colorful fruits and vegetables that contain lutein may also decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease. One study in Los Angeles found that people who had higher levels of lutein and other antioxidants in their blood also had healthier blood vessels. Of course, there are other healthy lifestyle factors that go along with eating a lutein-rich diet.

Lutein helps with glare tolerance

Few, if any other eye supplements contain the dosage of lutein found in ADVANCED VISION SUPPORT. Shown to promote the health of your retinas, maculas, lenses, and optic nerves, as well as support visual acuity, ADVANCED VISION SUPPORT provides a full 20 mg of lutein! This potent antioxidant is shown to significantly improve glare tolerance—the recovery time for seeing clearly again after being "blinded" by bright light.

Beta-Carotene helps with clear eyesight

This organic compound synthesizes a chemical needed for clear eyesight. And, when combined with other eye-supporting nutrients, beta-carotene works even harder to maintain eye health.

The highest quality nutrients for unprecedented ocular pressure results

The Bilberry ingredient we use in ADVANCED VISION SUPPORT is the best on the market. With a high concentration of anthocyanosides, or super-antioxidants,  our Bilberry increases microcirculation. 

Bilberry helps improve night vision

If you plan your whole day to avoid driving at night, you'll want to know more about the antioxidant-rich powerhouse, bilberry! With its colorful history as a night vision aid during WWII, bilberry is rich in anthocyanosides, which go to work in the tiny blood vessels and capillaries in your eyes, improving flexibility and circulation. And black currant, another antioxidant dynamo and a natural cousin to blueberries and cranberries, has been shown in clinical studies to produce measurable improvements in night vision…within just 30 minutes! Black currant contains anthocyanosides and other flavonoids, which also help improve circulation to and within the eyes.

This formula may help protect the eye from sunlight exposure and may help provide the lutein many diets lack.


  • Promote sharp vision
  • Improve night vision
  • Protect your maculas and lenses
  • Support healthy circulation
  • Ease eyestrain and reduce glare

All in all, there are 11 ADVANCEDly powerful nutrients in ADVANCED VISION SUPPORT. Each and every one is crucial to healthy eyes, especially as you age. They support every single aspect of your vision health and help to shield you from damaging UV rays. But most important, they'll give you real results that you will be able to see.

Caution: Medications for skin conditions (Retinoids) interacts with VITAMIN A

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