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15-day Detox Sllim and MCT oil Combo Pack

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15 day detox slim

Promote a healthy digestive system, absorb nutrients optimally, eliminate bloating and lose extra weight with these Colon Cleanse capsules within 12- 24 hours after taking them. The Detox Slim 15-day power cleanse formula provides quick results to get rid of excess waste, increase energy and may even help you lose pounds in a matter of days. These capsules contain Cascara Sagrada and Senna Leaf to support healthy digestion and promote cleansing of the digestive tract so you'll feel lighter, more energized and healthier.
• Count: 30 capsules
• Medicine Form: Caplets
• Active ingredients: Cascara Sagrada, Senna Leaf, natural laxatives, fiber, and herbs


Premium MCT Oil from Totally Products provides long-lasting energy, endurance, metabolic support, and overall health for men and women that want to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. A natural source of C8 Caprylic Acid, C10 Capric Acid offers unmatched nutrition with none of the jitters, sugar crashes or headaches associated with caffeine or sugary supplements. MCT oil is processed by the liver, it is immediately burned to produce energy. A good way to provide fats in the diet which can be used to support activity or growth without contributing to stored body fat.
• MCT Oil supplement
• Burns fat and promotes weight loss
• For metabolic support
• Supports cognitive function and mental focus
• Promotes maintenance and production of ketones
• Feel more alert and focused
• Take 2 times daily
• 3000mg